Building Your Itinerary

The overview page is where you can see an overview of your entire itinerary and the break down of all the segments and PNRs. If you apply filters to the itinerary page, all of your segments will automatically change to match that filter. This is meant to give agents the ability to quickly add or change requirements so that they can give an estimate immediately and fine-tune later (time is money, after all!)  

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The Overview Page

  • Use the Change Search button (top left) to adjust destinations and dates. This will take you right back to the flight search page. 
  • Use the drop-down menu (labelled "Sort By") to sort the order in which your flights are presented. 
    • But what do we mean by Best? Best is a weighted average based on flight duration compared to price. Essentially, the best value for money. 

Using the Navigation Panel

The navigation bar on the left panel links to the page where you can select options for each of the segments. 
Where the overview page is designed to see the itinerary as a whole, the segment page is designed so that you can fine-tune things like departure times, fares rules, branded fares, and more. You can also add segment-specific filters here.

To see options for any portion of the trip, click on the segment in the navigation panel. 

The Segment Page: Drilling Down into Flight Options

When you set filters on the itinerary level, it will determine the flights that fit your specifications. For example, you may be looking for the "Best" option, with one piece of baggage, and only on Star Alliance. When you first land on the segment page, the top flight suggestion will match the option also shown to you on the overview page, as determined by the filters that you have previously set. The top most flight will always reflect your current selection. As you add filters, and select flights, it will change to match. The top flight and the corresponding segment on the overview page will always match.

Compatible and Incompatible Flights

Compatible Flights

Compatible flights are flights that you can select without altering your itinerary's configuration. ***Link to itinerary configuration***

Trip Ninja determines the best combination of one-ways, open-jaws, and multi-PNR tickets. When you go to select a flight, there are compatible and incompatible options based on the current configuration of your itinerary. That's why we recommend always adding filters and sorting at the overview level first, so that we can figure out the best configuration for your trip and you can fine-tune based on compatible options. The flights below the grey line are compatible with the current itinerary configuration and can be therefore be selected without changing the trip configuration. 

Other Options: Incompatible Flights

If selected, the flights shown under Other Options will change the flight configuration. To see which flights are impacted, hover over the information button (the small, green icon) on the top left corner of each flight card. 

How to Read a Flight Card

Here is an example of a flight card.

To the left of the bar, you can see the origin, departure date, and destination for this portion of the trip. 

To the right of the bar, you can see the airline logo and flight number for each component of this segment. To the right of that you will see the departure and arrival times in local time, as well as the total duration of the trip (including layovers). Next is the number, location, and duration of any layovers. This section will say "Direct" if there are no layovers. The next part of the flight card shows the Fare Type (Published/Private/Any other fare types you have enabled) as well as the Fare Class for each of the components. To learn more about fare types, click here**** Also shown on the flight card is the number of checked bags on the segment. 

The drop-down arrow on the flight card will display more information about this segment; however, the information will differ depending on what page you are on (overview versus segment detail). 

While in the overview, the flight card drop-down menu will give information on the selected Branded Fares, Fare Rules, as well as data source information and flight details. 

Selecting Branded Fares

Branded fares can only be selected from the flight selection page. To do this, click on any of the trip segments on the navigation panel, then, on the flight card, use the drop-down menu. ***Link to an article on Branded Fares/Fare Families***

Understanding Relative Pricing within Branded Fares

In the pricing row, the prices shown are the total impact on the itinerary. For example, by selecting the "Flex" fare here, your itinerary will increase by $1039, for a total itinerary price of $4500. 

Finalizing your options

Clicking "Select Fare" on the flight card drop on the itinerary page will automatically update the selected fare for this segment on both the itinerary page and the overview page. **Insert Video***

After you've reviewed your selections

To move to the next step, you must review your flight selections from the overview page. This is to ensure that all information and selections are correct. Once you've confirmed all the selections are correct, you may proceed to Price Confirmation. 

To learn more about Price Confirmation, click here

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