What is Split Ticketing?

What is Split Ticketing?

Split Ticketing refers to buying separate tickets for each flight within a trip instead of one ticket for the whole trip. For example, if a traveler buys a one-way, non-stop ticket from Vancouver to Toronto via AirCanada and a one-way, non-stop ticket from Toronto to Vancouver via WestJet, rather than purchasing one round-trip ticket, that is split ticketing. 

Why is Split Ticketing Used? 

The primary reason is simple: cost savings. It may be more expensive for the traveler to buy one ticket to multiple destinations rather than separate tickets to each destination. Split ticketing explores more options, and usually, it allows you to find the best and cheapest option for your trip. Another reason split ticketing is used is flexibility, as it allows you to pick ideal flight times through different airlines. 

Split Ticketing versus Virtual Interlining

Virtual interlining builds on the idea of split ticketing, in that the traveller buys flights from different airlines to build one trip. In split ticketing, the traveller has multiple tickets, but in virtual interlining there, is only one ticket. Virtual interlining can benefit the traveller because multiple tickets are presented to them as a seamless combination. However, a drawback to virtual interlining is that flight cancellation or delays can cause the travellers entire trip to go off course, which is not a concern with other forms of split ticketing. 

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