Project Kickoff Meeting

Arguably the most important stage in the integration is the pre-integration kick-off call. In previous integrations, we've found it can massively help prevent expensive delays. It's crucial that all stakeholders (business leader, the development point of contact, and the developer who will be performing the integration) are in on the call so that all parties are on the same page and there are no delays.

In this meeting, there are a few items we’ll cover:

  1. Set timeline: It’s important that we have an accurate timeline for the integration so that we can provide developer support on our end along the way. 
  2. Analytics: We’ll need some information, such as booking flow, search volume estimates, current conversion rates, and current multi-city bookings per month. This will help us prepare our servers so that everything runs smoothly. 
  3. Emulation: We'll cover the emulation process and confirm that we're able to access all content that we need to.
  4. Whitelist IPs: For security purposes, Trip Ninja’s servers are only accessible via whitelisted IP addresses. This means that we need to know what IPs you will be using so that we can whitelist them. If you switch IPs at any time, we will need to be informed, or else you will lose access to our tech! 
  5. Share preproduction credentials: We'll share your API username and password, and give you access to our pre-production environment.
  6. Share API docs: We'll send you our API docs and all other supporting documentation. This knowledge base is also a great resource. Our API docs and knowledge base make integration that much easier for tech teams and business teams alike. We've laid out our integration to be as straightforward as possible, but if there's somewhere that our documentation could be improved, please let us know! 
  7. Communication Methods: We're committed to using whatever platform or method makes the most sense for you. At this meeting, we'll identify a point of contact (it’s usually easier if one person owns this!), a phone number for that contact, and a preferred method of communication (we can meet you anywhere - Slack, Whatsapp, you name it). We also find it helpful to schedule regular standing check-ins to help deal with potential roadblocks if and when they come up. 

Any other questions about the kickoff call? Please reach out to [email protected] or your account manager.

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